March 17, 2023

Top Web3Auth Alternatives

Top Web3Auth Alternatives

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What has changed in our latest release?

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All new features available for all public channel users

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Looking for alternatives of Web3 Auth? We have you covered. Our research team has looked into the best Authentication SDKs to make your development easy. The SDKs are evaluated based on ease of integration, compatibility, ease of onboarding users & pricing. 

If you are building a web3 dApp, Web3 Auth isn’t the only option. 

Here are the top 3 Web3 Auth alternatives

  1. Arcana Network

Arcana Network  is one of the best products on the list, making your life as a developer much easier. Arcana Auth is the solution if you need an SDK that is super easy to integrate and delivers value quickly.

Here are Arcana Network’s notable features


Arcana Auth covers the three stages of a new user onboarding, reducing it from a few hours to less than 5 mins.

  1. Multiple Login Methods: Arcana supports passwordless logins through magic links, Google, FB, Twitter, Twitch, discord, and Github, with more coming soon.
  2. No installation Needed: Web Wallet ships with the front-end SDK. Users do not need to install any apps/extensions.
  3. Gasless Transactions: Developers can pay gas on behalf of their users to avoid users having to load ETH/Matic in their wallets. 
  4. Fiat Onramp: Users can buy crypto right from their wallet with On-ramp integrations to interact with the app

UX: We support customisable UX options like:

  1. Plug & Play: Arcana ships with a better plug-and-play login UI than competitors
  2. No-UI/UI Mode: Developers can show/hide the wallet UI based on their target users and how much of the web3 complexity needs to be introduced to their users
  3. Lower User Friction: Web wallet has better UX and usability, leading to lower support tickets from users
  4. Feature Rich: Web wallet ships with all the features users need to interact with a blockchain: Send/Receive Tokens, Sign/Approve transactions & messages, Add/Switch Networks, Add custom tokens, view transaction history etc
  5. Private Key Export: Users can export their private keys right from within the web wallet, without having to install any extensions or apps, to gain self-custody of their keys
  6. Delete Private Keys: Users can ask the DKG nodes to forget their private keys. This massively increases user trust and guarantees that their keys are truly self-custodial once exported and deleted.

Ecosystem Support:

In addition to just offering an Auth product, Arcana can help leverage its network and ecosystem to help you across product, engineering, partnerships, developer adoption, and marketing.  This support is already being provided to many customers. One such customer is, an a16z funded startup building a wallet aggregator.

Using our auth would also seamlessly integrate with the rest of Arcana’s SDKs

  • Arcana Store: Storage that is more performant than IPFS for storing content like NFT images, metadata etc
  • Arcana Access: On-chain Access Control that supports token gating and dynamic rules-based access, enabled through DIDs, is a global standard. Useful for storing player profiles, hosting exclusive content etc

The same seamless integration will also be available for our future products for Push Notifications, databases, CDN, etc.


  • 2X Free Tier: Twice the number of MAUs (Monthly Active Users) in its free plan compared to competitors, at 2000 MAUs/mo. An MAU is anyone who sign-ins in a given month
  • Competitive Pricing: Post the free tier, the price is set to $0.025 per MAU, making it one of the most affordable Social Auth solutions in Web3.
  • Platform Credits: Arcana also offers generous platform credits that can be used to offset the monthly bills under its paid plan. Reach out to us to apply for the credits program.
  1. Magic Link

Magic is a developer SDK that integrates with your application to enable passwordless Web3 onboarding (no seed phrases) and authentication using magic links (similar to Slack and Medium).Magic enables blazing-fast, hardware-secured, passwordless login, Web3 onboarding, and access to over 20 blockchains with a few lines of code — even if you have an existing auth solution.

Magic is a great platform with a great design for developers who need a out of the box solution. It is pretty expensive when you scale beyond 1000 MAUs. Also the key storing isn’t completely decentralized. But having said that there are still some great features that you can look forward to while integrating Magic. 


  • Magic Connect: Magic Connect is a fully-featured, global Web3 wallet.
  • Magic Auth: Magic Auth provides future-proof passwordless authentication and app-specific wallet infrastructure. Highly-customizable, Magic Auth can be used for standard Web2 user authentication or integrated with 20+ blockchains to create a fully custom wallet UX for your dApp.
  • Chain Compatibility: Magic support 20+ chains which include EVM chains, Solana, Flow, Near and more. 
  • SMS login: You can use magic link to authenticate users with SMS. A additional SMS surge charge is levied on sending SMS. 
  • MFA: Magic provides additional security in the form of MFA. 
  • Fiat On ramp: The on ramp is supported by stripe. The service is only in countries supported by stripe. 


  • Free tier: Only has 1000 free MAUs 
  • $0.05 upto 5000 MAUs without custom branding 
  • Enterprise plan at $0.10 per MAUs post 5000 users. 

 To summarize

All the above mentioned solutions are great alternatives to Web3 Auth. A developer has to factor in the usecase he is building for before deciding the Auth provider. It is the most important decision as auth is the gateway to your app, if you experience a lot of friction your MAUs will reduce drastically. You also have to look at speed of shipping in this ever changing market. Companies like Arcana Network is shipping changes at an unmatched pace thus making it one of the most promising solution out there.