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May 30, 2023

10 Essential Blockchain Development Tools for Building Next-Gen Applications

Explore the top 10 blockchain development tools that can help you build cutting-edge applications. Enhance your development workflow and stay ahead of the competition.

10 Essential Blockchain Development Tools for Building Next-Gen Applications

Darkweb v2.0 public release is here

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What has changed in our latest release?

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All new features available for all public channel users

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Top 10 infrastructure providers that can speed up your web3 development

The popularity of web3 is on the rise and is unarguably at its peak. Several start-ups and DAOs in this space are looking for web infrastructure providers to accelerate the launch of their products and services for the masses. It is also propelling the growth of several new web infrastructure providers that offer quality solutions to help web3 businesses scale up.

This article looks at ten such promising web infrastructure providers and how they can help you accelerate product development.


Users who are new to web3 may take time to adjust to DApps. If the user authentication process to access DApps is complicated, it can even force them to quit before they access a product or service. Arcana offers an enhanced authentication mechanism to help improve the user experience.

If you are trying to build a brand for your new web3 product or service, you will want to ensure a top-notch user experience. And you want to onboard as many new users as possible in no time. Arcana’s user authentication system overcomes issues surrounding entry barriers and makes onboarding users onto your DApps quite simple. 


Moralis is a leading web infrastructure provider that has got a lot to offer. Besides user authentication services, Moralis also provides services related to smart contracts, NFTs, and on-chain data. It helps web3 companies query Metamask wallet details when users connect it to their NFT mint page.

Moralis also offers an SDK for supporting DApps, guides for creating new projects, and an API interface for Ethereum. Web3 companies can build and scale their projects at ease using the Moralis’ suite of services.


Infura remains one of the popular web infrastructure providers in the web3 space. If you want to build an Ethereum DApp, Infura is one of the suitable options. They offer a range of IPFS APIs and Ethereum APIs, which are essential to creating quality Ethereum Dapps.

They have also launched ITX, which eases the process of sending Ethereum transactions. All you need to do is allocate a gas budget. Infura will do the rest for you and manage the transactions.


Alchemy is another giant in the web3 space with a market valuation of around USD 10 billion. Web3 companies interested in building Ethereum DApps get backend support for blockchain development. Developers can query nodes on Ethereum and Polygon with the help of the backend API.

If you create a DApp and allow users to connect their wallets, you have to query a blockchain. Alchemy allows you to use the Ethereum blockchain to spawn a node. You can then pay based on the usage level of your business. The pricing differs with usage, and they also offer free tier options.


ThirdWeb has a lot to offer to web3 developers, creators, and game development studios. They can use ThirdWeb’s solutions to use SDKs, smart contracts, and UI components in their DApps.

You can create everything from NFTs to a custom token and even a white-label marketplace. You can use ThirdWeb’s SDKs in Python and JavaScript. Besides SDKs, they also offer other tools for free. You only have to pay them a small amount of royalty.


If you often have to query networks like IPFS and Ethereum, Graph is one of the suitable options. You can use their services to build and publish open APIs. Graph Explorer and SubGraph Studio are two of their major products. Besides querying data, Graph also offers a seamless solution to index that data.

Built on top of GraphQL, Graph is a robust and decentralized platform. It stands by the principles of web3 and offers complete transparency.


SuperFluid allows you to automate repeated transactions. It does so by allowing a seamless flow of tokens on the Ethereum network. You can use it for smart contract callbacks, money streaming, and one-transaction reward distributions.

When you use the money streaming function, you do not need to lock your tokens upfront. The stream will continue till your budget gets emptied or you stop it manually. There is no need for users to withdraw tokens manually as they will directly get deposited into their accounts.

 8.Ceramic Network

Ceramic Network is playing a vital role in enhancing the decentralized and open data identities of web3. It offers excellent interoperability, allowing users to access services across platforms without third-party support. Users can find and share content on applications of their choice as all the data has a cross-chain identity.

You can also share information with anyone by leveraging their permission-less data streaming network. Furthermore, you can also save data on their decentralized web. The platform offers excellent scalability while also improving the developer experience.

 9.Parsiq Network

Parsiq has been around since 2019 and has helped businesses leverage the unmatched potential of blockchain technology. You can use Parsiq to send real-time alerts to users and on-chain updates, which can help them make informed decisions. Parsiq also offers solutions to monitor wallets and detect suspicious activities.

They have smart triggers that allow you to identify apprehensive activities and control them in time. Parsiq has also been focusing on providing backend support to DApps through SDKs, APIs, and data hubs.


Debridge offers hooking services for NFT bridging, cross-chain swaps, and smart contract composability. You can use Debridge to scale up the protocol and transfer information from one Blockchain to another. The advanced functionalities of the platform eliminate the need for having more than one bridge.

You can use a single user interface that enables swaps and transfers. Furthermore, there are also no issues with cross-chain liquidity for blockchain ecosystems. There will be no issues in terms of liquidity fragmentation.

 Bottom line

These are some of the top web infrastructure providers across different functions. Each of them is working to ensure web3 businesses get the best support to create high-quality DApps that live up to the promise of the web3 ecosystem. Leveraging these trusted names will allow you to build and scale your next DApp, effortlessly.