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Arcana Airdrops

Launching 30M XAR Airdrop: Join Arcana's Journey to Transform  Web3 UX

Marking the next phase in our journey with the launch of XAR, we are unveiling an airdrop that is tailored to reward the community and developers who are supporting Arcana since its inception. The XAR airdrop is crafted to engage users, builders, community members, and partners that have supported Arcana's Journey.

The SendIt Airdrop

Token Pool Size: 7M XAR

Nov 16, 2023 to Jan 15, 2024

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Builder's Airdrop

Token Pool Size: 2M XAR

Nov 8, 2023 to Jan 8, 2024

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Diamond Hands Drop

Token Pool Size: 7M XAR

Dates to be announced

Coming Soon...
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