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Every transaction on blockchain needs Gas fees to be paid with native tokens by users. This causes high friction for new web3 users to try out apps. We’ve got a solution to this problem, Arcana Gasless.

Reduce Friction

Users don’t need to signup to an exchange, buy native tokens for gas, do KYC, and transfer to a wallet before they can even use your app. Arcana Gasless can make sure your users experience your app in seconds.

Improve Retention

Ensure gas fees are not the reason users do not return to your app. Once users discover the ease of transacting on your dApp, they are more likely return to your app, even over your competitors.

Get Fine Control

With this feature, you can control not only which kinds of transactions can be sponsored but even who gets the sponsorships by creating whitelists of people. Marketing dollars can now be spent with surgical precision!

Create Urgency

Sponsorships can be completely controlled and you could run offers that allow gasless transactions for the first 100 buyers for example and that generates a sense of urgency in the buyer and helps conversions.


Arcana Gasless is packed with features that help you tailor the sponsorship of gas fees to your specific needs. Explore below to learn more.

Setup a Gas Tank for every Chain

Define different amounts of gas sponsorships for different chains and specifically cater to the audience of each chain.

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Enable and Disable it Anytime

Something not working as per your expectation? Just hit pause on a Gas Tank, fix whatever is necessary and then resume when you’re ready.

Specify Gas Sponsorship

Whitelist all or only some of the function calls in your smart contract. Sponsor gas for only the actions you want.

Withdraw Anytime

There are no lock-ins, withdrawal cliffs or any other restrictions. Fees deposited into a Gas Tank can be withdrawn by the owner at any time.

Fail Gracefully

If a gas tank runs out of money, nothing breaks or shuts down. Everything continues allowing users to pay for the fees thereafter.

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