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What is XAR?

  • $XAR is as an ERC-20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • It will be used to power the Arcana delegated-PoS app chain.

  • Validator nodes on the Arcana app chain will have $XAR staked to their nodes in exchange for staking rewards.

  • The staking of $XAR brings economic security to the Arcana app chain.

What is the Utility?

In the near term: Ensuring the economic security of the Arcana PoS app-chain. Token holders will be able to stake Arcana tokens and boost the economic security of the chain in return for staking rewards. Staking rewards are yet to be finalised but will perhaps be some combination of inflation and tokens bought back from the open market from the revenue the platform generates.

In the long term: Platform governance where holders can participate in making key decisions on the journey of Arcana moving from being a platform to becoming a protocol and a public good.

What is the XAR launch plan?

Arcana is planning its Token Generation Event (TGE) in Q1 2024 with a public sale on a Tier 1 launchpad (will be disclosed soon). Arcana community will have exclusive early access to purchase the tokens before opening it up to the public. The public sale will be followed by listing on reputed centralised and decentralised exchanges. The team is currently working towards this goal and believes in a successful campaign backed by the amazing community, product traction, ecosystem support and more.

Token Supply Details

Token Symbol
~300,000,000 $XAR
Token Type
ERC-20 on Ethereum
Max Supply with Inflation
~1,300,000,000 $XAR
Genesis Supply
1,000,000,000 $XAR
Initial Circulating Supply
~58,781,667 $XAR

Token Allocations

Angel: Very early stage angels who invested in 2020 to support the development of an MVP and bring Arcana to life.

Pre-Seed: A strategic round with a group of reputed angel investors and funds including Balaji Srinivasan, Sandeep Nailwal and others.
Seed & Extension: Our biggest round led by top crypto funds like Republic Crypto, Woodstock, DCG, Fenbushi, LD Capital and more.
Public/IDO: Tokens sold via a public sale on Tier 1 launchpads. This is primarily for the Arcana community and global distribution.
Ecosystem: Tokens allocated to incentivise node operators on the Arcana Network and general ecosystem growth, marketing, grants, etc.
Reserves: Tokens reserved for any ad hoc company expenses including operating expenses.
Advisors: Tokens allocated to advisors for their significant contributions towards Arcana’s growth.
Team: Tokens allocated to the amazing Arcana Team. These tokens have a cliff of 12 months to show the long term commitment of the team.

Token Release Schedule

Allocation (%)
Allocation (XAR)
Vesting Schedule
10% at TGE, 7.5% over next 12 months
10% at TGE, 5% over next 18 months
10% at TGE, 5% over next 18 months
Seed Ext.
10% at TGE, 5% over next 18 months
6 to 12 months vesting from TGE
10% at TGE, 2.5% over next 36 months
0% at TGE, 2.78% over next 36 months
Multiple vesting over 22 months post TGE
12 months lock-up, 20% in month 13, 3.47% over next 24 months

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