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March 6, 2023

Best DAOs for Web3 Development in 2024

Discover the best DAOs for Web3 development and decentralized governance. Learn how these organizations operate and drive innovation in the blockchain industry.

Best DAOs for Web3 Development in 2024

Darkweb v2.0 public release is here

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What has changed in our latest release?

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What is a DAO?

DAO (Decentralized autonomous organisation) is an organisation that operates on a blockchain network, allowing decentralised decision-making and management. It is an organisation controlled by its members, who vote on proposals and policies through a transparent and secure system. No intermediaries like banks or lawyers can interfere with the blockchain. DAOs can be used to fund social causes and revolutionise how we think about organising.

DAOs use smart contracts to empower members to collectively determine an organisation's direction. DAO's operations, projects, and finances are collectively determined by the individuals who make up the DAO while providing transparency and security. Allowing members to interact, decide, and automate tasks and processes.

The true charm of DAOs is their impressive adaptability, which enables customisation according to unique end goals. This flexibility of DAOs is also reflected in their decentralised nature, allowing contributions from worldwide members as they operate without borders. Therefore, running social networks, managing decentralised finance protocols, and governing countries can all be achieved with DAOs. 

How do DAOs work?

Smart contracts are crucial to DAOs. These logic-encoded contracts control choices made in response to activity on the blockchain. For instance, in response to the outcome of a decision, specialised code may be developed to increase the number of tokens in circulation, burn a certain number of reserve tokens, or give incentives to token holders who already own tokens. Blockchain data reflects the DAO voting process. Customers are frequently forced to select between irrelevant alternatives. The quantity of tokens a user has typically determines how much voting power they have. 

A user with 100 DAO tokens has twice as much voting power as one with 50 tokens. This strategy is predicated on users being encouraged to operate honestly because they have a higher financial stake in the DAO. Consider a member who holds 35% of the overall vote. The value of that user's 35% share would be peril if they committed a crime.

TOP DAO for Developers 

Developer DAO

The primary focus of the DAO is to support and empower Web3 developers. The organisation offers various initiatives that help developers learn about the latest Web3 technology and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. Some of these initiatives include hackathons, grant programs, and educational resources.

Developer DAO is dedicated to fostering an inclusive community where all developers can learn and grow together. Their vibrant and active community constantly evolves and expands, providing valuable support to all its members.

To get involved with Developer DAO, developers can buy their NFTs to join their Discord &  follow them on Twitter. The organisation welcomes developers of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. Through its various initiatives, Developer DAO is helping to create a better future for the Web3 ecosystem and empowering developers to build innovative and decentralised applications.


They are dedicated to supporting and empowering Web3 developers to create innovative decentralised applications (dApps). The team behind  ChainSafe founded BuidlGuidl. The DAO aims to help developers create a more decentralised future by facilitating the adoption of Web3 technologies.

BuidlGuidl is a vibrant and active community of developers, investors and blockchain enthusiasts passionate about maximising the potential of decentralised technologies. Members of The DAO can participate in various programs, including grant programs, hackathons, educational resources, and community events.

These initiatives encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation within the Web3 ecosystem. Members can propose ideas voted on by the community using a decentralised governance mechanism. This ensures that the community has a say in the organisation's direction and that decisions are made transparently and democratically. The program aims to support innovative projects that have the potential to have a significant impact on the industry, especially those that are still in their early stages of development. The program has funded projects across multiple categories, including DeFi, gaming, infrastructure, and more.

Furthermore, BuidlGuidl also provides resources and support to developers who want to build dApps on various blockchain platforms. As a result, members can collaborate and share their knowledge and expertise, helping each other to overcome technical challenges and develop innovative solutions.

To join the DAO, developers can visit the BuidlGuidl website and follow the instructions. Once a member of DAO, developers can collaborate with other members to explore and innovate the Web3 ecosystem.

Superteam DAO

SuperteamDAO’s primary objective is to assist Web3 initiatives and businesses to flourish by providing them with the tools and support they require to thrive. In addition, the program is designed to provide support and resources to early-stage projects and startups, helping them to navigate the challenges of building a successful business in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. This involves money, mentoring, and community support, among other things. 

One of the most distinguishing features of SuperteamDAO is its emphasis on cooperation and community building. It is run by its members, who are investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts with a wide range of skills and expertise. Members can propose ideas and projects, which are voted on by the community using a decentralised governance mechanism. In addition, the DAO is led by a group of seasoned Web3 specialists dedicated to assisting the next generation of Web3 innovators.

Through its decentralised incubator program, Superteam provides startups with access to resources such as funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. This support can be critical in the early stages of a startup's development. Superteam aims to provide a platform where startups can access these resources in a decentralised and collaborative environment.

The DAO actively pursues partnerships and cooperation with other Web3 initiatives and platforms to create a more connected and supportive ecosystem.

SuperteamDAO also boasts a robust member and supporter network. Everyone who wishes to become engaged and contribute to the Web3 ecosystem is welcome to join the DAO.

Members can participate in various events and projects, such as hackathons and mentorship programs. Members are chosen based on their Web3 expertise, experience, and dedication to the DAO's purpose and ideals.

Overall, Superteam represents an innovative use of DAOs to support the development of early-stage startups and provide a platform for the next generation of leaders. By leveraging the expertise and knowledge of its members, Superteam is helping to drive innovation and support the development of solutions that can have a real-world impact. 


VectorDAO was established in 2021 and built on the Ethereum blockchain. At its core, VectorDAO is a community-run organisation that supports builders & designers to build great products using the web3 stack. The end goal is to support and fund the development of open-source software projects in the blockchain and web3 ecosystem.

One of the critical benefits of VectorDAO is that it offers a secure, decentralised platform that enables artists to collaborate without intermediaries. This means that artists can work together to create innovative new projects without worrying about mediators taking a cut off their profits.

In addition to this, VectorDAO is also committed to creating a fairer system for artists. The platform is built on a token economy, where artists are rewarded with tokens for their contributions. These tokens can be used to buy, sell, or trade on decentralised exchanges or to access various VectorDAO platform services.

VectorDAO aims to create a sustainable funding model for open-source software development, enabling developers to focus on their work and contribute to the ecosystem's growth. The DAO achieves this by pooling funds from its members and investing in selected projects. Members of the DAO have a say in which projects receive funding and can contribute to projects through their skills and expertise.

One of the unique aspects of VectorDAO is its focus on diversity and inclusivity. The DAO aims to support various projects and developers, particularly emphasising underrepresented groups such as women and people of colour. This helps ensure that the development of the blockchain and web3 ecosystem is inclusive and representative of diverse voices and perspectives.


DAOs are rapidly gaining popularity as a means of managing digital assets and making decisions decentralised and transparently. The rise of DAOs represents a significant shift in how we organise and govern ourselves in the digital age. With their decentralised structure and transparent decision-making processes, DAOs have the potential to create more equitable and inclusive communities and drive innovation across a wide range of industries. As more people become aware of the possibility of DAOs, we expect these organisations to grow and evolve, playing an increasingly important role in the blockchain ecosystem.