Solidity Developer Salary 2023: Complete Guide

Curious about how much a Solidity developer makes? Learn about the average salary for Ethereum blockchain developers and factors that influence their pay.

Solidity Developer Salary 2023: Complete Guide

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Solidity Developer Salary 2023

The demand for skilled Solidity developers is rising as the blockchain industry continues to evolve and expand. Whether you're just starting in your career or an experienced developer looking to transition into web3, there are various opportunities for growth as a Solidity developer.

We'll dive into the fascinating world of Solidity developer salaries, exploring how much they can earn based on their experience level and location. This guide provides a detailed breakdown of salaries for interns, entry-level juniors, and senior developers across multiple job sites and industry reports.

Solidity Developer Salary 2023

What does a solidity developer do? 

Solidity developers are the architects behind the complex and sophisticated smart contracts that are powered by blockchain technology. Their role is to write, design, test, and implement these self-executing contracts, which can automate various transactions and operations in a decentralised environment.

In addition, Solidity developers work closely with blockchain developers, front-end developers, and other experts to ensure that their smart contracts and dApps are seamlessly integrated into the blockchain network.

What are the responsibilities of a solidity developer?

The tasks of a Solidity developer include the following: 

  • Creating and managing smart contracts and decentralised applications (dApps), 
  • Developing network architecture and security protocols 
  • Evaluating and analysing current blockchain solutions 
  • Enhancing existing blockchain projects by introducing new features and improvements 
  • Integrating Solidity code on diverse platforms 
  • Merging blockchain technology with existing applications
  • Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and product managers to brainstorm new ideas.

Why are Solidity programmers in such high demand?

The world is changing, and blockchain technology is gaining traction. Demand for Solidity programmers is skyrocketing. With its recent introduction, Solidity programming is a niche field with few experienced developers. The job market for Solidity programmers is highly competitive, and companies are willing to offer top dollar to secure talent.

Here, we breakdown the reasons why Solidity programmers are in high demand:

  • The growth of the blockchain industry:
    The blockchain industry is growing rapidly, and the demand for skilled Solidity programmers is rising. Companies across a wide range of industries are exploring blockchain technology, and they need developers who can create dApps that can be used to streamline their operations. 
  • The rise of decentralised finance (DeFi):
    Decentralised finance, or DeFi, is one of the most promising applications of blockchain technology. DeFi platforms enable users to access financial services without the need for intermediaries, such as banks or financial institutions. Solidity developers are needed to create the smart contracts that power these DeFi platforms. 
  • The need for secure smart contracts:
    Smart contracts are self-executing and can facilitate trustless interactions between parties. However, if a smart contract is flawed, attackers can exploit it, leading to financial losses. As a result, solidity developers are in high demand because they are responsible for creating secure smart contracts that are free from vulnerabilities. 
  • The shortage of skilled developers:
    The blockchain industry is still relatively new, and there is a shortage of skilled developers who can create dApps using Solidity. This shortage drives up demand for Solidity programmers, and companies are willing to pay a premium for their services.
How much does a solidity developer make:

How much does a solidity developer make: 

Solidity developers can earn between $50,000 and $225,000 annually, depending on their experience level and where they work. The following information displays the typical salaries for Solidity developers at each level:

Note: These figures are based on on a US Average (as per Glassdoor)

Average Overall Solidity Developer: $79,022

Average Entry-Level Solidity Developer(0-1 Year): $70,271

Average Early Career Solidity Developer(1-3 Years): $76,897

Average Mid-Career Solidity Developer(4-6 Years): $84,553

Average Experienced Solidity Developer(7-9YYears): $90,837

With that being said, let’s look into specific country averages below that we have not looked at yet (based on Glassdoor):

United States: $79,022

United Kingdom: $59,464

Australia: $62,045

Canada: $58,374

India: $15,075

Singapore: $75,854

Solidity developers can earn high salaries in many countries worldwide, with the highest salaries generally being found in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. However, it is easy to note that different countries have a wide pay range. However, it is important to consider factors accounting for these differences, such as the Cost of living, the demand for Solidity developers, and most importantly, industry maturation- the blockchain industry is still relatively new, and the level of maturity of the industry can also affect salaries. Countries with a more established blockchain industry, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, may offer higher salaries than countries where the industry is still emerging, such as India.

Freelancers can make between  $80-$250 per hour, depending on the complexity 


Ultimately, the demand for Solidity developers is growing, and as blockchain technology becomes more widespread, it's likely that their salaries will continue to rise. So, whether you're just starting out in your career or you're an experienced developer looking to relocate, the opportunities for Solidity developers are abundant and rewarding.