March 6, 2023

Diamond Hands Airdrop Announcement

Diamond Hands Airdrop Announcement

Darkweb v2.0 public release is here

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What has changed in our latest release?

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All new features available for all public channel users

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Coding collaboration with over 200 users at once

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Welcome to an exciting phase in Arcana Network's journey! We're stoked to announce the kickoff of the "Diamond Hands Airdrop," a special initiative marking a big moment for our community and platform. This event celebrates our commitment to rewarding loyalty and nurturing a vibrant, engaged Web3 community.

Let's dive into the details of Diamond Hands Airdrop.

What is Diamond Hands Airdrop?

The Diamond Hands Airdrop by Arcana Network is a fresh and strategic event crafted to boost community engagement and give back to communities that stayed loyal and supported during market downturns. This drop is our way of acknowledging the community that believes in the Web3 vision and shows support by holding onto partner tokens.

Participants in this airdrop can look forward to receiving special tokens or other rewards that reflect their status as early supporters and vital contributors to the Arcana ecosystem.

The Diamond Hands Airdrop campaign features: 

  • Rewards pool of $7 million $XAR
  • Individual project rewards ranging from 150 to 500 $XAR
  • These XAR tokens will be airdropped in 3-6 months post TGE

Participants will have to follow simple steps to claim the airdrop during the claim period announced.

Step 1: Click on “Claim Airdrop” next to the partner listed on the airdrop page

Step 2: Connect an EOA wallet holding the partner token or special NFT on Eth chain

Step 3: Verify to claim

Step 4: Verify with Twitter. Done! Wait for the drop

This airdrop isn't just about free tokens; it's about being part of a thriving Web3 ecosystem. 

We're super excited to bring you this opportunity and can't wait to see the Web3 community get rewarded. Don't miss your chance to be part of the Diamond Hands Airdrop starting in Jan 2024!

Launching with Partner #1: Biconomy

The Biconomy SDK is an Account Abstraction toolkit designed to simplify the user experience on your dApp, wallet, or appchain. Utilizing the ERC 4337 solution for Account Abstraction, it provides a comprehensive solution to tap into the capabilities of our Smart Accounts Platform, Paymasters, and Bundlers.

Biconomy and Arcana share a common vision as a Web3 developer and transaction infrastructure platform, aiming to help developers deliver seamless experiences to end users. We've teamed up with Biconomy to recognize supporters of this vision. Eligible community members will stand a chance to win $XAR airdrop.

Claim Period - Jan 8th — Jan 12th, 2024

Rewards Pool - 500K $XAR

Criteria - Connected EOA wallet must hold more than 1000 $BICO tokens from 8th Jan 2024 to 7th May 2024 on ETH chain OR Hold the "Early Adopter Bico NFT"

$XAR airdrop - 250 per person

Vesting - 3 months post TGE and distribution over 90 days

Any more questions? Here are FAQs

Start Claim Process here

About Arcana

Arcana Network is a UX-focused app chain dedicated to improving Web3 UX with a suite of products for developers and users.

Its offerings include Arcana Auth for seamless user logins and web3 authentication on dApps, Arcana Gasless for frictionless Web3 transactions, and SendIt for simplified crypto transfers​.

Arcana takes on challenges such as user onboarding, complex user interfaces, and transaction costs. In doing so, it is actively nurturing a more user-friendly and inclusive Web3 ecosystem.

Official Links: Website | Telegram | TG Announcement | Twitter | GitHub | Discord |