March 6, 2023

Builders Drop: Rewarding Arcana’s Ecosystem Builders

Builders Drop: Rewarding Arcana’s Ecosystem Builders

Darkweb v2.0 public release is here

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What has changed in our latest release?

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All new features available for all public channel users

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Coding collaboration with over 200 users at once

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In our relentless pursuit of fostering innovation and nurturing a vibrant ecosystem, we are thrilled to unveil an exclusive XAR Token Airdrop for Web3 developers - the Builders Drop! Specially curated in a pursuit to empower developers and infuse creativity. Builders Drop is part of the 30M XAR Airdrop announced by the Arcana team.

Arcana Network has so far generated over 1.3 Million wallets since its launch in Feb 2023. This portion of the airdrop is reserved for developers who will drive the adoption of Arcana Network further. Join the airdrop here

Builders Drop is one of the three planned airdrops from Arcana as we get ready for our upcoming Reg-D Token Sale on Republic. Join the Pre-Sale Allowlist here

How the Builders Drop Fortifies the Arcana Ecosystem?

With these tokens, developers are incentivized to build, innovate, and optimize the ecosystem's offerings, thus ensuring a continually evolving and competitive platform.

Nurturing Innovators - The Builder’s Drop is an initiative to support the architects of Web3. By directing resources towards developers and builders, Arcana ensures a continuous influx of innovative ideas, maintaining the ecosystem’s vibrancy and relevance.

Boosting Ecosystem’s Robustness - Through rewarding developers who leverage the Arcana product suite, the Builder’s Drop enhances the ecosystem's robustness, facilitating a range of applications and tools finely tuned for user needs.

Airdrop Details:

Date: Nov 8th 2023 to Jan 15th 2024

Reward Pool: 2M XAR

Claim Period: Immediate claim on approval

Vesting: 3 to 6 months from the date of claim

Eligibility and Claim Process

Who’s Eligible and How to Participate?

  • Integrate Arcana Auth or Arcana Gasless SDK into your App
  • Create a short demo video of your app
  • Acquire users for your app to increase the number of XAR rewards
  • Existing customers and developers are eligible to participate in this airdrop as well.

Claim Process

  • Application and Review: Builders are required to apply for the airdrop. Applications will undergo a comprehensive review by the Arcana team, ensuring alignment with ecosystem objectives and technological innovation.
  • Verification: Developers must verify the ownership of their applications, predominantly through GitHub integration. Only public projects will be rewarded to maintain transparency and facilitate collective learning.
  • Assessment Criteria: Rewards will be distributed based on a set of nuanced criteria such as user activity, novelty of the use case, usage period, and alignment with the Arcana ecosystem.
  • Distribution: Airdrops will be allocated at the discretion of the Arcana team post a thorough evaluation. From the date of claim, the tokens will be linearly unlocked to your wallet address over a period of 6 months

​​Rewards Calculation

1. Every integration is rewarded 2000 XAR

2. For every User using your app, you are granted 10 XAR

3. Your total XAR reward = (2000 XAR) + (Number of users*10 XAR)

Unleashing Potential

The Builders Drop is a gateway to unprecedented opportunities, encouraging developers to unleash their potential, innovate relentlessly, and contribute meaningfully to the Arcana ecosystem’s flourishing landscape.

Stay tuned for more detailed insights, and prepare to embark on a transformative journey with Arcana’s Builders Drop!

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About Arcana

Arcana Network is an UX-focused appchain dedicated to improving Web3 UX with a suite for products for developers and users.

Its offerings include Arcana Auth for seamless user logins and web3 authentication on dApps, Arcana Gasless for frictionless Web3 transactions, SendIt for simplified crypto transfers​.

By addressing challenges like user onboarding, complex user interfaces and transaction costs, Arcana is fostering a more user-friendly and inclusive web3 ecosystem

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‍Please note: is the only official website to access Arcana's XAR Drop. Neither the claiming site, members of the Arcana team, nor community moderators will ever ask you to enter your private key or transfer tokens of any kind from your wallet.