March 6, 2023

Arcana onboards a new partner RocketX 🚀

Arcana Network announces a new partnership with RocketX to empower the platform with decentralized identity solutions and seamless user onboarding.

Arcana onboards a new partner RocketX 🚀

Darkweb v2.0 public release is here

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What has changed in our latest release?

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All new features available for all public channel users

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Coding collaboration with over 200 users at once

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We are thrilled to announce a partnership with RocketX, a decentralized gateway to both centralized and decentralized liquidity. 

RocketX is an advanced hybrid CEX & DEX aggregator that makes it easy to compare prices across 250+ exchanges to help traders with the best prices with every Swap while enjoying 100% ownership of their digital assets. For dApps & institutions, they act as a middleware by simplifying access to global crypto liquidity via a single API for in-app crypto swaps with best prices and 1-click cross chain capabilities.

RocketX’s key value proposition is:

  1. Increased Liquidity: Unlike CEXs, crypto aggregators integrate multiple exchanges, letting users access a wider pool of assets & greater liquidity. 
  2. Better Price Discovery: By aggregating liquidity from multiple sources and platforms, crypto aggregators offer a wider range of pricing options compared to standalone DEXs or CEXs. 
  3. Improved User Experience: Unlike DEXs with complicated navigation or CEXs with slow load times and technical errors, an aggregator offers  a unified platform that is user-friendly and customizable. 
  4. Enhanced Security: Crypto Aggregators also provide enhanced security, aggregating data from multiple exchanges & using algorithms to monitor and analyze pricing data. 
  5. Blockchain Interoperability: Breaks the boundaries between blockchains and make them interoperable by enabling 1-click cross-chain swaps to move digital assets between them with ease. 

Why is Arcana Auth the right partner for RocketX?

While web3 itself is in a nascent stage, projects like RocketX are doing a great job in reducing multiple friction points. Arcana Auth takes it a step further, by making user onboarding seamless for all.  Arcana’s web3 Auth helps onboard users with familiar web2 social and passwordless auth, without the need to set up wallets or manage keys. Once onboarded, users get an In-App Web Wallet that doesn’t need any installation. These wallets allow users to transact with just their email IDs. In the backend, Arcana is securing user keys with advanced cryptography and decentralization.

As a part of our onboarding commitment, we will also be helping RocketX by supporting them in areas around product, growth, community building and launch on Arcana’s Mainnet. 

Quote from RocketX

"We couldn't be more thrilled to partner with Arcana Network, as their innovative Multichain Wallet perfectly aligns with RocketX's commitment to seamless and secure crypto trading. We are excited to work with Arcana to create a more user-friendly and secure trading experience to drive mass adoption of crypto.”

- Domendra Verma, CPO, RocketX Hybrid Exchange

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About Arcana Network

Arcana is Web3 infra for devs to launch and scale apps through its Auth, Store, and Access SDK. Arcana Auth is the first product to go live on Mainnet. With Arcana Auth, developers can simplify Web3 Authentication and improve user conversation rates by up to 90%.

Web3 apps use Arcana Auth SDK to quickly onboard users through plug-and-play social login and passwordless email login. Users are given an Arcana in-app non-custodial wallet to sign transactions and manage tokens/NFTs, without installing plugins.

Arcana has raised 2.7Mn USD from some of the leading investors and founders in the ecosystem, such as Balaji Srinivasan, Founders of Polygon, Woodstock, Republic Crypto, and Digital Currency Group.

Check out our Mainnet! 

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