Arcana Auth simplifies online transactions by eliminating the need for wallets and keys. This makes it easier for users to complete transactions, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Use Web2 Logins

Your users can sign up on your dApp using their pre-existing accounts on Google, Twitter, Twitch, Discord and others. We handle the creation of keys and wallets in a secure and non-custodial way.

Multi-Factor Authentication

You can optionally turn on Multi-Factor Authentication if your app deals with any kind of sensitive information.

Fully Customizable UI

All the interfaces available with Arcana Auth can be customized to suit the needs of your brand and your dApp interface, even in our base plan.

Crypto On and Off-Ramps

Your users can simply buy crypto using credit cards and bank accounts right within their In-App Wallets without needing another account on a crypto-fiat exchange.

Integrate in 10 Minutes

You could be up and running with Arcana Auth in ten minutes by inserting just a few lines of code into your app.

Gasless Transactions

Provide your users gasless transactions so that they don't have to think twice about transaction fees and can simply purchase something on your dApp without friction.

Compare Against the Rest

Gasless Transactions

Let us help you increase your transaction rates with our fee-free transactions for your users that you can close with a monthly payment.

Asynchronous Distributed Key Generation

Our ADKG process plugs the security holes in the old code that’s still being used in other competing platforms.

In-App Wallet

Add a widget to your website that lets users sign in with familiar Web2 logins and start using your dApp right away with a Web3 wallet.

Export Keys

Users can use our non-custodial, decentralized In-App Wallets, or export their private keys and use other wallets anytime.

White-labelled and Customizable Wallet

The In-App Wallets are highly customizable without paying a premium for just this feature.

Fiat On-Ramps

We have multiple gateways in the wallets that your users can use to load up with crypto without going to a crypto exchange.

Your Own UI

Use the included interfaces and customize it OR use the 'No UI SDK' and build bespoke interfaces to deliver the UX you need.

Payment Methods

It’s not just that we accept payments via regular credit cards or crypto, but we also have pricing plans where you only pay for what you use.


Distributed key shares, exporting of keys, ADKG and decentralized architectures are only some of the ways we keep you and your users safe.

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