December 6, 2023

Launching 30M XAR Airdrop: Join Arcana's Journey to Transform Web3 UX

Join Arcana’s Journey to transform Web3 UX.

Launching 30M XAR Airdrop: Join Arcana's Journey to Transform Web3 UX

Darkweb v2.0 public release is here

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What has changed in our latest release?

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All new features available for all public channel users

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Coding collaboration with over 200 users at once

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Marking the next stage in our journey in simplifying Web3 UX is Arcana’s upcoming XAR Token Sale on Republic, in the run up to this milestone, to reward the community and developers who have supported Arcana since its inception, Arcana Network is unveiling the XAR Airdrop.

Tailored with community at the core, this initiative transcends conventional boundaries, forging inclusivity, and unparalleled opportunities within the Arcana network. The XAR Airdrop is not merely a distribution of tokens; it is a meticulously crafted strategy that intertwines our heartfelt appreciation for the community with our vision to foster a vibrant, collaborative, and thriving ecosystem.

The Role of XAR

XAR emerges as the lifeblood of the Arcana ecosystem, envisaged as a catalyst for stimulating interaction, participation, and continuous evolution within the ecosystem, XAR’s role encompasses governing protocol enhancements, incentivizing resource providers, facilitating seamless block generation, and serving as a robust incentive mechanism to nurture and reward ecosystem engagements and contributions.

Learn in detail about the role and utility of the XAR token in the Introducing XAR blog.

Catalyzing Arcana's Ecosystem: The Power of the XAR Airdrop

Our XAR Airdrop has been intricately designed to accelerate the flourishing of the Arcana ecosystem. It is an embodiment of our unwavering commitment to nurture community engagement and transcend traditional token airdrops.

Strategic Breakdown: Categories and Allocation of Airdrop

Our approach reflects in the strategic allocation of the XAR Airdrop across diverse categories, each laden with significant value, purpose, and transformative potential.

The XAR Airdrop allocates 30 million XAR (3% of total supply) across the categories described in the table below. Visit Arcana Token Page to learn more about Arcana’s token model, token supply and distribution cycle.

  • Community and Ecosystem: 5M - Dedicated to fostering a robust and engaged community, nurturing an ecosystem radiating vibrancy, collaboration, and innovative brilliance. Allocated for SendIT, Zealy, Ambassadors etc
  • Developers and Builders: 2M - A canvas for developers to unleash their creativity and technological prowess, driving the ecosystem towards new horizons of innovation and excellence. Access the Builder Drop here
  • Strategic Partners and Collaborators: 7M - Strengthening the pillars of collaboration and mutual growth, enhancing the ecosystem's richness through synergistic partnerships and aligned visions.
  • Early Supporters and Contributors: 2M - Honoring the early believers and supporters whose invaluable contributions have been the cornerstone of growth, resilience, and success. Allocated for SendIT, Zealy,Ambassadors etc. Access SendIt Drop here
  • Reserve for Future Growth: 14M - A strategic reservoir to fuel future initiatives, maintain ecosystem vitality, and ensure a sustainable trajectory of innovation and expansion.

Unlocking Opportunities: A Closer Look at Each Category

Airdrop Campaign for each category will be announced over the coming weeks with more details on timeline, eligibility, and claims process.

  • Community and Ecosystem (30%): Focused on creating a robust and engaged community, the airdrop allocated to this category aims to stimulate active participation and foster a sense of ownership and belonging among members. Recipients in this category will be users of Arcana’s B2C products, such as SendIT and community supporters, ambassadors etc.

  • Developers and Builders (25%): Arcana Network has so far generated over 1 Millions wallets since its launch in Feb 2023. This portion of the airdrop is reserved for those who will drive the adoption of Arcana network further. With these tokens, developers are incentivized to build, innovate, and optimize the ecosystem's offerings, thus ensuring a continually evolving and competitive platform.

  • Strategic Partners and Collaborators (20%): This allocation seeks to build and solidify partnerships that drive mutual growth and innovation. It's aimed at partners who could unlock new functionalities and market opportunities for the Arcana network. The tokens will serve as a bridge between our communties, fostering strong partnerships, and enabling a symbiotic environment to leverage each the other's strengths.

  • Early Supporters and Contributors (15%): Acknowledging those who believed in Arcana’s potential in its nascent stages, this token allocation acts as a reward and incentive for their continued support. It recognizes and appreciates the early contributors whose ideas, feedback, and advocacy have helped shape the network's direction and adoption of products such as SendIT, Zealy, Ambassadors etc

  • Reserve for Future Growth (10%): Keeping an eye on the future, this reserved allocation is dedicated to ensuring that the Arcana network remains resilient, adaptable, and poised for continual growth and innovation. It's a strategic fund designed to support new initiatives, unforeseen opportunities, or areas that may require enhancement or expansion in the future, ensuring sustained ecosystem health and innovation.

Airdrop Claim and Distribution

  • Guidelines Announcement: In the subsequent days, the Arcana team is set to unveil comprehensive details concerning eligibility and participation criteria for each segment of the airdrop. This release aims to ensure clarity, fairness, and a smooth process, allowing participants to have a clear understanding of where they stand and what is expected.

  • Participation Window: A specified claim window will be opened, during which users can actively participate in the airdrop. It’s crucial for participants to be vigilant and proactive in this phase to ensure they successfully participate within the stipulated time frame.

  • Distribution Following TGE: Distribution of the XAR tokens will commence subsequent to the Token Generation Event (TGE). A predefined vesting schedule will be in place to manage the release of tokens. This structured approach ensures a balanced and stable introduction of tokens into the ecosystem, aligning with Arcana’s strategic vision and sustainability goals.

Join the Republic sale here:

Stay updated through our communities for real-time updates, insights, and essential announcements:

Official Links: Website | Telegram | TG Announcement | Twitter | GitHub | Discord |

Please note: is the only official website to access Arcana's XAR Drop. Neither the claiming site, any member of the Arcana team, nor any community moderator will ever ask you to enter your private key or transfer tokens of any kind from your wallet.