Our mission is to make all of Web3 more accessible

There is no shortage of interesting challenges to work on at Arcana. Being at the bleeding edge of technology in Web 3 and privacy, we are defining the tools the developers of future will use.

Our Team

These are the fantastic builders behind Arcana Network.

Our Values

At Arcana, Our Mission Is To Bring Ownership, Privacy and Security to User Data

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Value Privacy

Privacy is not a feature we build, it is a fundamental right.

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Take Ownership

See anything amiss, bring it to everyone’s notice. Or better yet, fix it!

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Learn From First Principles

Always ask why before what, how...

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Be Detail-Oriented

Dot all the I’s and cross all your T’s.

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Make Informed Decisions

Ask questions, many many questions, no matter how silly you think they are.

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Life > Work

“Me” time, time off for no specific reason... Yes, please.

Our Investors

Every one of these great investors are well known and well respected in their own right. Through us, they’re helping shape the world like the way they envision it should be.

Republic Crypto
Digital Currency Group
Symbolic Capital
SHL Capital
Fenbushi Capital
LD Capital
Arcanum Capital
Paradigm Shift Capital
AU21 Capital
Ganesh Swami
Balaji Srinivasan
JD Kanani
Santiago S
John Lilic
Kenetic Capital
Sandeep N
Kendrick N
Nischal Shetty
Siddharth M
Tamar M
Aniketh J
Ajith Tripathi
OnChain Acquisitions

News and Media

We've been featured in well respected publications in the mainstream start-up and crypto eco-systems.